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Dooley’s World cartoonist comes out of retirement

“Jolly” Roger Bradfield, the creator of the syndicated comic Dooley’s World (1972-1978) is coming out of retirement to work on a sequel to his 1967 book “Pickle-Chiffon Pie” after a resurgence of interest in the original book.

During his retirement, his old books quietly resurfaced.

“His book ‘Pickle-Chiffon Pie’ was one of the most requested books I had,” said Jill Morgan, who sold out-of- print books in Kentucky.

When her customers began asking for the same titles, Morgan and her husband launched Purple House Press, which publishes out-of-print children’s books. Bradfield’s “Pickle- Chiffon Pie,” Morgan said, is one of her most popular titles-one that garners lots of reader feedback.

“They’re at the age now where they read it as children, and now they want to read it to their children,” she said.

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