News Briefs for June 16, 2009


» Fox will premiere its animation powerhouse shows on Sunday September 27. Check out new episodes of “The Simpsons”, the “Family Guy” and its spinoff “The Cleveland Show” and “American Dad.”

Comic Strips

» An original 1983 Peanuts comic strip was recently auctioned off for $17,080. It had originally thought to sell for $10,000 to $15,000.

Editorial Cartoons

» Recently on Bill Maher’s show was a segment called “New Rule” in which he showed an editorial cartoon featuring President Obama with a label “Obama” on the drawing of the president. To which, Maher said enthusiastically, “New Rule: If you’re a cartoonist and have to put a button on Obama that says “Obama”, you have to get another job.” h/t Rob Tornoe

Graphic Novels

» Penguin Group announced they will print a graphic novel version of bestselling author Patricia Briggs‘ Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf, Volume 1. Look for it this fall.


» The Daily Cross Hatch interviews Bizarro creator Dan Piraro. See interview parts 1 and 2.

» Newsarama interviews Jules Feiffer about his career.

» Sequential Tart interviews Norm Feuti about his comic Retail.