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News Briefs for December 10, 2008

» The Pulitzer Prize board has opened up the requirements to allow internet-only media to be considered for the prize.

» uClick hopes to roll out hundreds of comics for the iPhone.

» Bob Staake’s cover for Time magazine has been recognized as the best cover of 2008.

» ABC is going to broadcast a Charlie Brown Christmas twice this year, along with other Charlie Brown specials. See the Aaugh blog for times.

» Paul Gilligan writes about the progress of the Pooch Cafe movie.

» Bob Harvey writes about politic satire in the comics.

» Ger Apeldoorn has posted samples of Hi and Lois from 1954.

Correction: Bob Staake’s cover was for the New Yorker (not the Times), but was honored by Time magazine as the best cover in 2008.

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