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News Briefs for October 9, 2008

» Tak Toyoshima, creator of Secret Asian Man, will be giving a presentation at MIT on October 30 about his comic strip’s focus of group dynamics (racial, political, religious…etc).

» This weekend, Tak will be a guest on the Weekend America radio program. The program discusses various topics’ newsworthiness. Tak will be on air with two other guests: Esquire magazine’s sex columnist Stacy Grenrock Woods and author of American crime novels Robert Ferrigno.

» Mike Baldwin, cartoonist for the daily comic panel, Cornered, has launched his web site under a new design.

» The Boston Globe has posted a transcript of a recent web chat interview with Bill Griffith about his comic Zippy the Pinhead.

» Daryl Cagle will be speaking at the University of Virginia on October 22, on the topic of “irreverent and provocative role of editorial cartoonists in capturing and dissecting issues and events in politics.”

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