News Briefs for June 10, 2008

» Next week’s Rhymes with Orange will be written and drawn by guest cartoonist Suzy Becker whilst Hilary Price is on vacation.

» The man who was fired for posting Dilbert cartoon to the bulletin board at work has been hired with the help of Dilbert creator Scott Adams and his blog readers.

» Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers lost a bet with Free Press cartoonist Mike Thompson over the Stanely Cup Finals. Rob had to wear a Pavel Datsyuk shirt at his office in Pittsburgh. See video.

» For the second year, Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur will be featured in Franklin Covey business planner products.

» South Florida Sun-Sentinel cartoonist Chan Lowe took first and second place in this year’s Florida Society of Newspaper Editors’ journalism competition. Dana Summers, of the Orlando Sentinel, took third.