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Pat Bagley publishes Survival Guide for Utah

Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoonist Pat Bagley has published a new book called “Bagley’s Survival Guide for Utah” a book that takes shots at Utah’s culture.

In talking about his book, Pat says,

We have a state that is unique; it’s like no other place in the world, and I think the people ought to be warned before they get here.

The book covers topics such as the original Battle Star Galatica (which was written by a Utah Mormon who injected a lot of Mormon theology into the show), the state’s Jell-O eating reputation (didn’t help that we codified it in a state resolution with the help of Pat), local swear words, and a whole lot more.

Pat was recently interviewed by a local radio program. You can hear him talk about his book and other quirky things about Utah.

Check out the book at

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