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Lynn Johnston’s daughter joins FBoFW studio

According to E&P, Lynn Johnston’s daughter has joined the For Better or For Worse studio as an executive associate.

From the For Better or For Worse web site we learn more about Kate’s role in the organization:

Sometimes, the best treasures are in your own backyard. This was the case when the studio crew was scouting for a helping hand. Kate, Lynn’s daughter, brings to our group a solid understanding of business management that is complimented by her appreciation for creative projects. A former student of the Emily Carr School of Art and Design, Kate has explored many mixed media to produce innovative sculpture, drawings and jewelry.

Long before her formal training, Kate designed and developed a limited run of polyresin Farley Angel sculpts and, perhaps tapping into her inherited sense of humour, she is the developer of our resident comic plumber, Ned Tanner! Kate is also an accomplished instructor of alpine skiing and snowboarding and can be spotted boating on Trout Lake during the summer.

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