Bill Gates for president effort fails

Back in December I wrote about a blog post by Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, that opined that Bill Gates would make a good U.S. president. The idea caught fire in parts of the blogosphere and a grass-roots effort was made to recruit the billionaire. That grass-root effort has thrown in the towel:

We’ve tried… We really have! We wanted to evoke political debate and to a certain extend we succeeded to do just that. On the other hand, we failed miserably to draw enough attention our way. Bill Gates probably noticed and read the website and our arguments, but he probably didn’t feel the drive needed to go for that presidential candidacy…We would like to thank all of you who tried to get this thing to work, and we hope we’ve inspired some people to think about the US Presidency in a way they never did before.

I’ll leave the website in it’s bare form online as a reminder of better times. This, however, will be our final update.

When contacted for a response, Scott reportedly said, “So much for my king-making skills!”