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Luckovich was on CNN to promote his book

Mike Luckovich was on CNN’s American Morning on Friday Oct 6th to promote his news book – Four More Wars.  I’ve posted the segment transcript below.

M. O’BRIEN: Well we’ve got Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mike Luckovich out of bed early this morning. He is, after all, hawking his new book, so I guess that wasn’t too much to ask. And — but we did decide to make him not get off scot-free, he’s, in addition to talking about his book, “Four More Wars,” he’s drawing a cartoon for us. We’ll tell you about “Four More Wars” in a little bit.

Let’s check in with him in his office there. How is it going so far, — Mike?

MIKE LUCKOVICH, “ATLANTA JOURNJAL-CONSTITUTION”: You know, it’s going fairly well. I’ve started separate cartoons for both you and Soledad. And you are just going to love them, Miles. You will be tickled pink.

M. O’BRIEN: Can we peek over your shoulder a little? LUCKOVICH: Yes, well, there is Soledad right there.

M. O’BRIEN: Yes.

LUCKOVICH: Now I’ve drawn more of yours, but I don’t want to give it away right now.

M. O’BRIEN: I see.

LUCKOVICH: Because, Miles, I’m coming back later and then we’ll present it then, all right?

M. O’BRIEN: You make me look a little fat there. I don’t know about that…

S. O’BRIEN: Yes, look at my picture.

LUCKOVICH: No, no, you are going to be fabulous and…

M. O’BRIEN: What’s that thing on my — coming out of my head?

LUCKOVICH: But thank you for having a…

M. O’BRIEN: What is that?

LUCKOVICH: Well, you know, it’s — you’re just going to have to find out. I don’t want to give it away, seriously.

M. O’BRIEN: OK. All right.

LUCKOVICH: It’s — but it will change your life.

M. O’BRIEN: All right, well, we’ll see you in a little bit. “Four More Wars” is the book. Mike Luckovich is the cartoonist and we’ll be checking in with him shortly.

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