Gil Thorp cartoon features likeness of devoted fan

Earlier this week, I told you that a Baldo creators Carlos Castellanos and Hector Cantu inserted the likeness of one of their fans into their feature as part of a fund raising effort.  In a very familiar story out of the Toledo Blade – Neal Rubin, a Detroit News columnist who writes Gil Thorp, was contacted by an individual asking him to use the likeness of an area high school coach Chris Hardman.  Neal agreed to use the coach in the feature because:

“It was an easy decision to include Chris,” Rubin said. “Heâ??s a devoted reader, and Iâ??m devoted to devoted readers.”

The coach’s reaction:

“I had to read it two or three times before it sunk in,â? Hardman said. â??I took the paper to my wife. I had to show her. I read my name and Ottawa Hills High School. I was in utter astonishment.”

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