Agnes character officially Catholic

Tony Cochran has made it official: Agnes is a CatholicAgnes recently graced the cover of a Catholic publication, Our Sunday Visitor, (June 25th edition) as well as a two pages story inside regrading the spiritual heritage of her humor.

Cochran is very comfortable identifying Agnes’s faith. “I was born Catholic, raised Catholic, and will live and die my whole life as Catholic. I always intended Agnes to be Catholic, but tried to keep her in the closet about it to make her more universal and likable. I realized though that I wasn’t universal or always likable, so why should I give her that advantage? I’m just kidding of course.

“Agnes doesn’t go to church, she goes to Mass. She doesn’t hear a preacher preach-she hears a priest give a sermon. There have been mentions of saints and rosaries, and there is the ever-present poignancy of striving for spiritual enlightenment while piloting a decidedly mammalian vehicle.

“I’ve had letters from Catholic priests, Episcopalian priests, nuns, Baptist ministers, existentialists, and even atheists. I’ve never had anyone take issue with the Catholicism.”

Does anyone know of other characters that have officially declared their faith? I’ve noticed a Mormon temple in the background of “Pickles“. I remember an article years ago (reprinted here) that mentioned that Brian Crane, a practicing Mormon, occasionally inserts certain religious symbols into his art (like the temple), but he doesn’t ever mention the character’s religion.

Any others?
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