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Dan Piraro’s “Baloney” show reviewed by LA Times

I’ve posted news about Dan Piraro’s live comedy act here before (listen to interview, here are tour dates and more tour dates). The L.A. Times wrote up a good review for the show which begins tonight in LA.

In a bit of turnabout, Piraro reads and comments on the best of his hate mail as part of his one-man multimedia comedy stage show “The Bizarro Baloney Show,” which kicks off a 13-city tour tonight at Los Angeles’ I.O. West.

“The hate mail segment is always the funniest part of the show ? people are hilarious, especially when they’re angry,” says David Silverman, Piraro’s longtime friend and current supervising director for the “Simpsons” TV show. “And if people think Dan’s strip is bizarre and crazy, the show is even more so.”

Hat tip to the Comics Reporter for pointing me to the story.

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