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Readers comments on St. Petersburg discussion board turn harsh

Last week I posted a story that the St. Petersburg Times was adding four new features as a trial. The paper maintains a discussion board for subscribers to post their opinion on the news – and in this case, post their feelings about the comic selection.

As one would expect the discussion quickly became heated about which features were liked or disliked. Brian Anderson, whose Dog Eat Doug is one of the four comics on trial, took the high road when asked how he felt about some of the uglier comments on the board.

As far as some of the harsher comments, well, that just comes with the territory in the entertainment world. If I don?t like a particular strip or TV show or movie for that matter, I just don?t read/watch it. That simple. I recognize that it might not be for me but a lot of other people probably do enjoy it. I absolutely love ?Lost? but I?ve never watched CSI (I think there?s seven right?). That doesn?t make CSI stupid. It?s just not for me. Calling it stupid would imply that those that watch it are too dumb to realize it?s stupid. Just doesn?t work logicaly.

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