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Keith J. Taylor – RIP

Chicago cartoonist Keith J. Taylor has passed away.

Keith J. Taylor
October 21, 1949 – December 16, 2021

From Chicago Public Square (Keith’s recent home for his cartoons):

R.I.P., Keith J. Taylor. Chicago Public Square’s award-winning breaking-news cartoonist died at 6:33 this morning, ending a long run with oral cancer and, more recently, COVID-19. From his first contribution to Square, in March 2018, to his last, on Nov. 22, he made this publication better—and funnier.

The Oak Park Wednesday Journal remembers:

His quick wit and his award-winning cartoons found humor and hope in everything from the absurdities of everyday life to the darkest days of American politics. A prolific artist, rarely seen without a pen and sketch pad, he filled more than 500 sketchbooks between 2016 and 2021 alone.

As breaking-news cartoonist for since 2018, Taylor channeled his energy into multiple Chicago Headline Club Lisagor Awards and Chicago Reader Best of Chicago recognitions. Over 50 years of contributing to Chicago art and media, Taylor produced cartoons and illustrations for Studs Terkel’s WFMT show, the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week, Rhino magazine, children’s books, and countless other outlets.

Decisively anti-Trump he didn’t forget his Chicago, and even used the city’s legends in cartoons.


Keith’s last cartoon came three weeks before his passing.


Keith’s Instagram page has a gallery of his latest cartoons.

Keith’s Facebook page has cartoons and more.



Community Comments

#1 Barry Hochfelder
@ 3:55 am

I’ve known Keith for 40 years. As great, sharp and funny a cartoonist he is (I can’t say was), Keith was a better human being.
The world is much less bright without him. I’ll miss him.

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