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Just Another Sundry Sunday

Happy 100th Wayne Thiebaud!

© Wayne Thiebaud

Yeah, we celebrated it a month ago but we were dazed and confused. For some reason, though our notebook said November, we honored Wayne in October. Got it right now.


The Cavelton Mayoral Election is Over

Judge Parker © North America Syndicate (KFS)

NPR interviews Toni Bowen speechwriter Francesco Marciuliano about the candidates.

You being an avid reader of comic strips know that most comic strips need to be apolitical. So I couldn’t do a strip about the presidential election, so I created this one instead. So it allowed me to address it without going down any party lines.

If you are still hungry for mayoral races Vintage Bringing Up Father continues Jiggs run.

Bringing Up Father © King Features Syndicate


But getting back to that NPR interview with Ces…

Decades ago (1976) The Comic Reader had a Pronunciation Guide to Creator Names

hat tip Mark Muller for the above TCR clip

The NPR interview lets me hear Ces’s last name: MAR sue lee AW no

I need a guide on how to pronounce some of today’s cartoonists, like:
Jimmy Margulies, Jeff Corriveau, Bill Hinds (short or long “i”), Jeff Knurek, Will Panganiban, Adam Zyglis, Elena Steier (all those vowels confuse me), at least half of the Six Chix, and real puzzlers like John Rose and Will Henry. I know I am pronouncing a bunch of names wrong (e.g.: Tom Batiuk rhymes with attic, but in my mind it is still BAT ee uk).


Will Eisner Week 2021 Sign-Up

The Spirit © Will Eisner Studios, Inc.

Will Eisner Week is an annual series of in-person and online events held every March celebrating Graphic Novels, Comics & Sequential Art, Free Speech, and the legacy of comics pioneer, Will Eisner (1917-2005).

Will Eisner Week events have been held worldwide for over ten years . Events have included online and in-person comic cons, panels, comics & graphic novel displays, book sales, comics creator workshops, film screenings, podcasts, and more. They have been held in schools, universities, libraries, museums, bookstores, comic book shops, and many other venues. Last year events were held in over 100 locations in the US and Internationally.

Maybe a bit early, but it gives us an excuse to pull up some Eisner art!
(Just finished reading The Spirit: An 80th Anniversary Celebration not too long ago.)


Hilary B. Price Interviewed

Rhymes With Orange © Hilary B. Price

This short video is a bit late, but King Features Editor Tea recently interviewed Hilary B. Price celebrating 25 years of Rhymes With Orange (June 19, 1995).


The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

Edison Lee and Joules © John Hambrock

And this is early. John Hambrock just passed his 14th anniversary in syndication with Edison Lee (November 12, 2006) and is preparing for year-long festivities.


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