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NCS Foundation announces Celebrity Cartoonist Caribbean Cruise

So a really cool thing is in the works – not just in the works, it is happening this January. National Cartoonists Society Foundation President Steve McGarry has organized a week-long Caribbean Cartoonist Celebrity Cruise. These aren’t just B-rated or has-been cartoonist “celebrities”, we’re talking four Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonists (two of which have been honored twice), eight Reuben Award winners, along with notable cartoonists from the animation and greeting card industry. The great thing about this cruise, aside from: it’s a cruise, with cartoonists, with free drinks (yup, drinks are included), in the Caribbean, is that the proceeds go to The National Cartoonists Society Foundation. The NCSF provides college scholarships, funds trips overseas to draw for the troops, funds drawing sessions at children’s hospitals and helps raise awareness and interest into the art of cartooning.

The cruise events include several presentations by cartoonists, book signings, caricatures, sketch sessions, a caricature class by Tom Richmond, and a “Quick on the Draw Show.” And of course the touring and activities you’d expect at the several ports of call. Check out the full brochure over at the NCS.

The last time the NCS organized a cruise like this was 25 years ago, so to say this is a rare opportunity is a bit of an understatement. Think of it as a week-long Reuben Awards weekend. You do NOT need to be a member of the NCS to book this cruise, but you do have to book it through their travel partner. The date for this excursion is January 17-24 leaving from Orlando, FL with stops in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico.

Here’s the line-up as it stands today:

Date Location Activity Cartoonist
January 17 Orlando, FL Meet the Cartoonist cocktail party  
January 18 At sea Zits and Baby Blues Jerry Scott, Rick Kirkman, Jim Borgman
January 19 Labadee, Haiti Illustration and Greeting card artist Rick Stomoski Rick Stromoski
January 20 Falmouth, Jamaica Cartooning as a Career Top cartoonists
January 21 Grand Town, Grand Cayman For Better or For Worse Lynn Johnston
January 22 Cozumel, Mexico Signing, sketching, and caricature session All the cartoonists
Saturday, January 23 At sea The Career of Tom Richmond Tom Richmond
    Caricature class Tom Richmond
    Family Circus Jeff Keane
    Mother Goose and Grimm Mike Peters
    Signing session
    Farewell cocktail party  

Not listed above but will be participating in some of the group events include Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoonists Michael Ramirez and Mike Luckovich, Bill Morrison (The Simpsons, Futurama) and Steve McGarry (Biographic, Kidtown, The Minions).

So, where do you sign up? First, you can get more information over at, but if you’re already convinced, head over to But do me a favor. If you select “The Daily Cartoonist” in the drop down where it asks “How did you hear about us?” For each referral, I get a slight discount on my fare. My birthday lands on the second day of that cruise, so I’d appreciate your help getting me there.

Community Comments

#1 Joel Tieg
@ 11:42 am

Kindly provide us with a list of those B-rated and has-been cartoonists, Mr. McGarry. What arrogance.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 4:54 pm

Joel, the expressions “B-rated” and “has-been” cartoonists is mine, not Steve’s. Unlike Dancing With the Stars and other celebrity shows that often feature celebrities who’s 15 minutes has faded, this cruise features an exceptional line-up of impressive career cartoonists.

#3 jeff Darcy
@ 5:29 pm

There’s the 1% of cartoonists, then there’s the rest of us who make up the 99% canoeing up the creek without a paddle.

#4 Frank M Hansen
@ 12:56 pm

I’m one (or two) Kick Starters away from booking my ticket

#5 Terry LaBan
@ 11:34 am

“B-rated”. Ouch!

#6 Mike Lester
@ 1:46 pm

“These aren?t just B-rated or has-been cartoonist ?celebrities.?

It’s still early but think this might be TDC quote of the year.

#7 Joel Tieg
@ 4:54 pm

My apology to Mr. McGarry for thinking of him as an arrogant asshole.

#8 Dave Stephens
@ 7:01 pm

Are any cartoonists, besides Bill Watterson, actually famous?

Because as far as I know, the “A list” is 99% UNKNOWN to most people, except for we cartoonists… Anyone on the “B” list is only slightly more unknown than the “A”…

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