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Maine Governor jokes he’d like to shoot editorial cartoonist

From the Huffington Post:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said Wednesday that he’d like to shoot the cartoonist for the Bangor Daily News, a joke that fell flat in light of the January shooting that killed five Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in France.

LePage made his comments about cartoonist George Danby on Wednesday in front of a group of teenagers attending Dirigo Boys State, a youth leadership program held in Waterville, Maine. Danby’s son, Nick, was in attendance and asked the governor a question.

So not funny.

Community Comments

#1 Bob Andelman
@ 11:30 am

The world changes in many ways every day, but there is ever one constant: Dumbasses endure.

#2 Paul Fell
@ 12:14 pm

How these Whack Jobs continue to get elected is a mystery to me, except for the fact that they are are a pretty good portrait of the yahoos who put them in office. God help us.

#3 Mike Lester
@ 1:13 pm

Really??? I don’t know how Mr. LePage feels but if a sitting governor ever said he wanted to shoot me I’d print t-shirts.

#4 Paul Berge
@ 10:06 am

The Bangor Daily News has an appropriate response: “9 times George Danby was funnier than Paul LePage”

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