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Bootleg Hobbes tiger gets royal treatment at airport after being reported as lost

A blonde-haired boy and his pet stuff-animal tiger Hobbes were recently separated at the Tampa International Airport before boarding a flight to Houston, TX. Hobbes was found by airport employees and when the boy’s mother reported Hobbes as missing, they assured her that Hobbes would be there when the family returned back to Tampa. An airport employ decided to take Hobbes around the airport taking photos of Hobbes with different employees doing various activities. All the photos were printed in a book and presented to the boy when he returned five days later. Cue the ‘awww’.

You’ll have to visit Below are screen shots from the video. All I can say is Hobbes received high status treatment for what is presumably an illegal bootleg Hobbes doll from Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes and if I were the employee who decided to create the book, I’d be really tempted to put a car sticker of Calvin peeing on something on the back of the book.

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