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Atheist society Prez forced to resign over Jesus, Mohammad cartoon

The headline from the Daily Mail pretty much sums it up:

University atheist society president forced to resign after cartoon of Muhammad having a drink with Jesus is posted on Facebook

The controversy is over a recent Jesus and Mo comic. The bi-weekly strip has been running since 2005.

And here’s the offending cartoon.


I was contacted by the author of Jesus and Mo who alerted me that the image shown above was not the actually cartoon that forced the resignation of the Atheist Society President. The image at the heart of this story is from the cover art for Jesus and Mo’s 2nd volume collection. I don’t think it changes the absurdity of the story, but in the interest of accuracy I’ve posted the offending art below.

Community Comments

#1 Ben Carlsen
@ 10:14 am

So, basically, super-religious people will be offended by anything? Or nothing…?

#2 Eric Bustad
@ 11:22 am

What’s the problem, they are both just drinking draft root beer? Right?

#3 Gerry Mooney
@ 1:37 pm

I, um…I don’t understand exactly. who was offended? And why?

There was some really nasty sentiments expressed towards atheists in the Daily Mail article but it sort of reminds me of a few years back when John Kerry mentioned that the Cheneys have a gay daughter and he was absolutely pilloried for it. Sorry but I’m not understanding this at all.

#4 Brian Fairrington
@ 3:19 pm

Seriously, is this a joke?

#5 Keith Brown
@ 9:42 pm

What the …..?

#6 Kat Ruhl
@ 9:55 pm

I’m guessing the issue here is that it goes against their religion to have any image of Muhammad? I’m not 100% sure from the article though, I didn’t see mention of it. As inoffensive as this might be I can understand them freaking out since that seems an important part of their religion (at least it is one I hear about a lot)

#7 Keith Brown
@ 7:45 am

It’s not Allah, so now Muhammad is off limits? I’m offended ny religion in general.

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