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Kurtz, Krahulik, Holkins launch new webcomic The Trenches

PVP creator Scott Kurtz and Penny Arcade creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins have launched a new webcomic called The Trenches. It’s described as one that “documents the tribulations of software testing with the precision tools of ‘the office comedy.'” Those in the game testing community are welcome to submit their horror stories and some of those are posted each week.

The Trenches updates twice weekly (Tues and Thur.) Here’s a link to the first one.

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Pert
@ 8:36 am

I like the TV animation style of the drawing. But not being a game geek, the content is pretty much lost on me. Hope it does well for them!

#2 Mike Cope
@ 8:48 am

Isaac Cox … has the ring of a Bart Simpson prank call.

#3 Alex J Cox
@ 10:50 pm

Hey! His last name is Cox! Oh, wait, Isaac Cox. I get it. I sofa king get it.


Alex J. Cox

#4 B Birdashaw
@ 8:00 am

Can someone alert me when it gets funny?

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