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Westergaard wants to auction off Muhammad cartoon; nobody wants to do it

Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist behind the now iconic Danish Muhammad cartoon would like to be rid of the cartoon, preferably through an auction, but no auction house will touch it. The proposal to sell the drawing also creates another issue – how much is it worth?

“I would like to think that it has some value,” says Mr. Westergaard, the 72-year-old creator of one of the world’s most famous cartoons and one that inflamed Muslims world-wide. “It is a symbol of democracy and freedom of expression. I think I should have a little money for this,” he says.

Yet the new round of trouble may only increase the cartoon’s worth eventually. “Things gain value from public interest and history,” notes Sebastian Lerche, a director of Denmark’s biggest auction house, Bruun Rasmussen. He is quick to add he has no interest in testing the market: “We see no point in offending millions of people,” he says.

Interesting read.

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#1 Ted Rall
@ 10:11 am

I’ll trade him for it.

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