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2018: The Dearly Departed

  This is an installment of 2018 Newspaper Comics: Debuts, Departures, and the Dearly Departed. (part 1: Debuts – – part 2: Departures – – part 3: Dearly Departed – – part 4: Detours)   2018 – The Dearly Departed These U. S. newspaper and magazine cartoonists died in 2018. note: I usually only include […]

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Frank Bernard – RIP

  Cartoonist/caricaturist Frankie Bernard has passed away. FRANCIS J. (FRANKIE) BERNARD, JR. April 30, 1967 – December 18, 2018   From the obituary: Frankie plied himself as a talented and professional cartoonist. He was a featured editorial cartoonist for the Chelsea Record and Journal Transcript Publications, he also worked several years as a caricature artist […]

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Bobby Hart – RIP

  Bobby Hart, the Matriarch of the John Hart Studios crew, has passed away. From the obituary: Bobby Hart (Ida Jane Hatcher) left this world in the wee morning hours of Saturday December 15th, to reunite with her cartoonist husband Johnny Hart, on Heaven’s dance floor. Bobby is survived by daughters Patti Hart and Perri […]

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H.W. and Barbara Bush Bookend Tribute Cartoons

  Upon learning the news that George H. W. Bush had died editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey knew what to draw. This cartoon was going to be a bookend to the cartoon I created when Barbara Bush died. It was an idea I had thought of when he was so ill in April. But he was […]

Posted on: Dec 2, 2018,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on H.W. and Barbara Bush Bookend Tribute Cartoons

Wayne Stayskal – RIP (updated)

Editorial and comic strip cartoonist Wayne Stayskal has passed away. WAYNE H. STAYSKAL (né Stejskal) December 11, 1931 – November 20, 2018 Columnist and friend Cal Thomas broke the news: Google “Great American Political Cartoonists” and you will undoubtedly find the late Herbert Block (aka “Herblock”) of The Washington Post, (Paul) Conrad of the Los […]

Posted on: Nov 26, 2018,  Section: AAEC-feed, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: 5 Comments

Werner Wejp-Olsen – RIP

  Cartoonist Werner Wejp-Olsen has passed away. The Wejp-Olsen family has informed the world: It is with our deepest sorrow that we share this news with you; our beloved father, husband, and brother Werner Wejp-Olsen has passed away on November 15, 2018. We miss him sorely but try to find solace in the beautiful memories […]

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Stan Lee Tributes from Editorial Cartoonists

  Ramsey   Stiglich   Breen   Stahler   Heller   Enos   Beeler   Summers   McKee     Castillejos   Peters   Hall   Marlette   Englehart   Luckovich     below: November 14 additions Streeter   Archer   Darkow   Handelsman   Bell    

Posted on: Nov 13, 2018,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Charles Glass – RIP

  Cartoonist Charles Glass has passed away. Charles Edward Glass July 4, 1930 – November 5, 2018 Magazine cartoonist, advertising From the obituary: After graduating, Charlie moved to New York City and studied at the Arts Students League. It was in New York City where his career as a cartoonist took off. He was a […]

Posted on: Nov 13, 2018,  Section: Obituary, Comments: 4 Comments

Anthea Bell – RIP

Translator Anthea Bell has passed away. Anthea Bell May 10, 1936 – October 18, 2018 From the above linked obituary: In 1970 Anthea Bell found herself with the tricky task of translating Asterix in Britain. The eighth adventure in the comic book series about everyone’s favourite Gaul rested on a French view of the English […]

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Who Was Rick Stein? – updated

updated October 10: It seems the unusual obituary of Rick Stein, featuring the Baron Munchausen-like (Major Hoople-like?) achievements and adventures of the deceased has gained some notoriety across the internet. People have found it as entertaining and intriguing a read as I have. (I found it enjoyable enough to post here, though it is off-topic.) […]

Posted on: Oct 10, 2018,  Section: Obituary, Off topic, Comments: 1 Comment

Charley Burns – RIP

Wilmington sport cartoonist Charley Burns has passed away. Charles Kennedy (Charley) Burns January 10, 1923 – September 29, 2018 From the obituary: [Charley] graduated in 1949 from the John Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, which launched his art career with the E.I DuPont & de Nemours Company for over 30 years. After retirement, he […]

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Jim Sizemore – RIP

Cartoonist Jim Sizemore has passed away.   JAMES EDWARD (JIM) SIZEMORE OCTOBER 3, 1937 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2018   From the obituary: Jim had been a Visual Information Specialist in the Social Security Administration’s Art Department in Woodlawn for 23 years until he retired early, in 1988, to become a free-lance cartoonist.   above: Jim’s […]

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Lorraine Williams – RIP

Cartoonist and worship leader Lorraine Williams has passed away. After moving to Homer, she attended and graduated from Alaska Bible Institute in 1985. That same year, she married her husband, Darren Williams. Moving back to California in 1987, she became an adored worship leader with a wonderful community of friends. She was sent back to […]

Posted on: Sep 14, 2018,  Section: Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Lorraine Williams – RIP

Wallace Tripp – RIP

Illustrator Wallace Tripp has passed away. From Wallace Tripp’s Facebook page earlier today: Dear friends, Wally has passed on to the Studio in the Sky. He had a wonderful life full of love, laughter, art, music and airplanes. WALLACE WHITNEY (WALLY) TRIPP June 26, 1940 – September 9, 2018   A bit of biography from […]

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Paul Carlson – RIP

Animator/cartoonist Paul Carlson has passed away.   PAUL WAYNE CARLSON DECEMBER 27, 1932 – AUGUST 22, 2018 Paul got his start in the animation business at the Walt Disney studio on Lady and the Tramp, filling in the drawings between the animator’s key drawings, a position known in industry parlance as an inbetweener.  He contributed […]

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