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Tomie dePaola – RIP

Children’s book author/illustrator Tomie dePaola has passed away. Thomas Anthony (Tomie) dePaola September 15, 1934 – March 30, 2020   Earlier today Tomie’s publisher announced via Facebook: We mourn the loss of a master storyteller. Tomie dePaola has passed away. We extend our sympathy to his legions of readers, friends, and colleagues. From Tomie’s website: […]

Posted on: Mar 30, 2020,  Section: Children's Books, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

Harriet Glickman – RIP

Harriet Glickman, who championed the integration of the Peanuts comic strip, has passed away. Harriet Glickman November 1, 1926 – March 27, 2020   From Nat Gertler’s notice: Harriet Glickman, the woman who had suggested to Charles Schulz that he add an African-American character to the strip and thus inspired the creation of Franklin, passed […]

Posted on: Mar 27, 2020,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 0 Comments

Ted Mullings – RIP

Cartoonist/artist Ted Mullings has passed away. Harry Theodore (Ted) Mullings April 7, 1926 – April 12, 2019*   commercial artist, painter, cartoonist From the obituary: Ted was a commercial artist for the Climax Molybdenum Company and the owner of The Little Cottage Art Gallery in Leadville. He was a member of the Ski Club in […]

Posted on: Mar 25, 2020,  Section: Cartooning, Obituary, Comments: 0 Comments

Albert Uderzo – RIP

Cartoonist Albert Uderzo has passed away. Alberto Aleandro (Albert) Uderzo April 25, 1927 – March 24, 2020   From The Guardian obituary: Asterix illustrator Albert Uderzo has died at the age of 92, his family has announced. The French comic book artist, who created the beloved Asterix comics in 1959 with the writer René Goscinny, […]

Posted on: Mar 24, 2020,  Section: Cartooning, Comic strips, International, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Román Arámbula – RIP

Comic strip artist and animator Román Arámbula has passed away. Román V. Arámbula September 18, 1936 (?1935?) – March 19, 2020   animation, comic strips The Lambiek Comiclopedia profile. A brief filmography and comics work outline from I.N.D.U.C.K.S.: Education/training Mexico City University Animated films Television commercials 1960s (no specifics known). – Hanna-Barbera: Layout artist 1970-1975 […]

Posted on: Mar 20, 2020,  Section: Animation, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Frank McLaughlin – RIP

Comic artist Frank McLaughlin has passed away. Francis X. (Frank) McLaughlin March 18, 1935 – March 4, 2020   In a bit of understatement from the obituary: Frank was an accomplished artist and enjoyed a career as a comic book artist. Frank was a much in demand comic book artist from the late 1950s to […]

Posted on: Mar 5, 2020,  Section: Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

Bud Gordinier – RIP

Artist/illustrator Bud Gordinier has passed away. Hollace Carey (Bud) Gordinier Jr. February 15, 1933 – February 25, 2020   From the obituary: Hollace studied at the Meinzinger School of Art in Detroit after his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955. He continued to study illustration and fine arts at Wayne State University in […]

Posted on: Mar 5, 2020,  Section: Comic strips, Illustration, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Bud Gordinier – RIP

Bob Andelman – RIP

Bob Andelman, aka Mr. Media, has passed away. Robert Stephen (Bob) Andelman October 9, 1960 – February 24, 2020 journalist, author, talk show host   From the St. Petersburg Catalyst obituary: Journalist and author Bob Andelman, a longtime presence in St. Petersburg media, died Monday after a short battle with a rare form of cancer. […]

Posted on: Feb 27, 2020,  Section: Books, Interviews, Obituary, Podcasts, Comments: 3 Comments

Russ Cochran – RIP

Comics maven, historian, archivist, dealer, and publisher Russ Cochran has passed away. above: Russ Cochran portrait by Frank Frazetta Russell Vance (Russ) Cochran July 3, 1937 – February 23, 2020 Self-described as “Ph.D. in Physics, 1964, Professor at Drake University 1964-1974, Publisher of collector books, 1971-date, lover of all apes.” The news of Russ’ passing […]

Posted on: Feb 25, 2020,  Section: Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Illustration, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Nick Cuti – RIP

Cartoonist Nicola Cuti has passed away. Nicola (Nick) Cuti October 29, 1944 – February 21, 2020   News of Nick’s passing was made public on his Facebook page: Legendary comic creator Nicola Cuti, whose career has spanned over fifty years, has died. Sources close to the family have reported that Cuti passed in Tampa on […]

Posted on: Feb 21, 2020,  Section: Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

Claire Bretécher – RIP

Famed French cartoonist Claire Bretécher has passed away. Claire Bretécher April 7, 1940 – February 10*, 2020 * A number of early reports gave February 11 as the date of passing. “Women in comic strips are usually portrayed either as shrews or movie stars. But in real life, women, like men, are neither of these […]

Posted on: Feb 11, 2020,  Section: Alternative comics, Books, Cartoonist, Comic strips, International, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Jim Rose – RIP

Cartoonist Jim Rose has passed away. James A. (Jim) Rose August 7, 1932 – January 24, 2020   From the obituary: Savannah political cartoonist and artist JIM ROSE passed on January 24, 2020. He was 87. His cartoon, “Phrogg,” ran in the Sunday edition of the Savannah Morning News for many years commenting on local […]

Posted on: Feb 10, 2020,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Jim Rose – RIP

Victor Gorelick – RIP

Archie artist and editor Victor Gorelick has passed away. Archie Comics announced on Twitter: Victor Gorelick April 5, 1941 – February 8, 2020   From the CBR (aka Comic Book Resources) notice: Gorelick joined Archie Comics at 16 and served in a variety of roles at the company. He became Archie Comics’ editor-in-chief in 2007. […]

Posted on: Feb 10, 2020,  Section: Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Victor Gorelick – RIP

Bil Canfield – RIP

Editorial and sports cartoonist Bil Canfield has passed away. William Newton (Bil) Canfield October 8, 1920 – January 30, 2020 sports cartoonist, editorial cartoonist   The New Jersey Star-Ledger is reporting the death of Bil Canfield: William (Bil) Canfield, who entertained millions of newspaper readers as an editorial cartoonist, died peacefully on January 30th at […]

Posted on: Feb 4, 2020,  Section: AAEC-feed, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

Ed Henderson – RIP

Animator, and vital Astrodome/Astroworld figure, Ed Henderson has passed away. From the opening of the Dome in 1965 through 1983, Ed Henderson’s entertaining animations were featured centerfield on the “Astrolite” screen.   Edgar Baum (Ed) Henderson, Jr. November 14, 1924 – January 25, 2020   From the obituary: Ed returned to Houston in the early […]

Posted on: Feb 3, 2020,  Section: Animation, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Ed Henderson – RIP