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Jorge Longarón – RIP

  Famed Spanish illustrator Jordi Longarón has passed away. Jordi Longarón i Llopart (aka: Jorge Longarón) February 1 November 29, 1933 – May 10, 2019   Spanish comic artist Jordi Longarón made a name for himself throughout Europe; in the United States he was known as Jorge Longarón, artist of the Friday Foster comic strip. […]

Posted on: May 11, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Illustration, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Nurit Karlin RIP

  Cartoonist Nurit Karlin has passed away. Updated May 8 with the New York Times obituary.   Nurit Karlin December 26, 1938 – April 30, 2019 Michael Maslin is reporting the death of Nurit Karlin. Ms. Karlin was the only female cartoonist in the pages of The New Yorker from [Mary Petty’s last cartoon in] […]

Posted on: May 2, 2019,  Section: Cartooning, Children's Books, Magazine cartoons, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Peter Vatsures – RIP

  Cartoonist Peter Vatsures has passed away. Peter Spiro Vatsures July 26, 1930 – April 15, 2019 art director, painter, musician   From the obituary: After a short volunteer tour of active duty in the U.S. Army, he moved to New York City to begin his life-long pursuit of artistic expression. Peter sold several cartoons […]

Posted on: Apr 18, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Peter Vatsures – RIP

Dwane Powell – RIP

(updated with the family’s loving obituary) Editorial cartoonist Dwane Powell has passed away. Drexal Dwane Powell, Jr. November 7, 1944 – April 14, 2019 Dwane’s papers are at the University of North Carolina, their biographical note: Drexel Dwane Powell Jr., an editorial cartoonist, was born 7 November 1944 in Lake Village, Arkansas. He began drawing […]

Posted on: Apr 17, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: 5 Comments

Don Morgan – RIP

  Animator and Pogo artist Don Morgan has passed away. Donald Lester (Don) Morgan May 16, 1938 – March 31, 2019   From the obituary: He grew up in Mechanicsburg, Penn., and joined the Navy three days after graduation from high school. After his time in the Navy he went to Pratt Institute and majored […]

Posted on: Apr 6, 2019,  Section: Animation, Cartoonist, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Don Morgan – RIP

Harold Emery – RIP

  Gag writer Harold Emery has passed away. Harold Rodney Emery May 31, 1920 – March 20, 2019 From the obituary: For the better part of his life, Harold was a contributing writer for a number of comic strips including, Dennis the Menace, Archie, Mrs. Fitz, Senator Caucus, Priscilla’s Pop, Laugh-in, The Lockhorns, Bumper Snickers, […]

Posted on: Apr 4, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Harold Emery – RIP

Reed Hoover – RIP

  Champion Pluggers contributor Reed Hoover has passed away. Reed Hoover February 16, 1931 – March 25, 2019   From the obituary: In 1952 he joined his father in business at H&S Company. He ran the business until he retired. Reed had a strong interest in history and paleontology. He was published and cited for […]

Posted on: Mar 31, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Reed Hoover – RIP

Ken Bald – RIP

  Comic artist Ken Bald has passed away. Kenneth Bruce (Ken) Bald August 1, 1920 – March 17, 2019   From the obituary: Upon graduating Pratt in 1941, Bald’s talent landed him a job at the Jack Binder Art Studio in Englewood, NJ. Quickly recognized for his flair for main characters and a smooth inking […]

Posted on: Mar 28, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist, Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Tom K. Ryan – RIP

Tumbleweeds creator Tom K. Ryan has passed away. Thomas Kreusch (Tom K.) Ryan (aka T. K. Ryan) June 6, 1926 – March 12, 2019   From the above linked funeral home obituary: Tom began his career as a commercial artist in Muncie, Indiana. His love of the old west and his creative vision merged in […]

Posted on: Mar 23, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

Tom K. Ryan 1926 – 2019

  King Features has noted the passing of Tom K. Ryan.   Tom’s Tumbleweeds collections were some of my most favored comic books.   Ger Apeldoorn has a few Tumbleweeds comic strips at his site, including some of the first ones.   Here’s the beginning of a site dedicated to Tom and Tumbleweeds.   And […]

Posted on: Mar 15, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 3 Comments

“Sailor Bob” Griggs – RIP

  Cartooning children’s show host ‘Sailor Bob’ Griggs has passed away. Robert Thomas (Bob) Griggs (aka Sailor Bob) November 21, 1933 – February 20, 2019   A generation of Virginians living within reception distance of WRVA-TV in Richmond grew up on Popeye cartoons presented by Sailor Bob. The character was created in 1959 for the […]

Posted on: Feb 21, 2019,  Section: Cartooning, Obituary, Television, Comments: Comments Off on “Sailor Bob” Griggs – RIP

Dave Smith – RIP

  Famed Disney archivist Dave Smith has passed away. David Rollin (Dave) Smith October 13, 1940 – February 15, 2019   From the Hollywood Reporter obituary (linked above): Over a 40-year career, Smith created and grew a department for preserving Disney’s films, television projects, theme parks and more in addition to penning several books on […]

Posted on: Feb 16, 2019,  Section: Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Dave Smith – RIP

Tomi Ungerer – RIP

Author, Illustrator and cartoonist Tomi Ungerer has passed away. Jean-Thomas (Tomi) Ungerer November 28, 1931 – February 9, 2019* *Ungerer died sometime during the night of Friday February 8 to Saturday February 9. In 1956, he traveled to America, hitting New York in 1956 with $65 in his pocket and many drawings whereupon Ursula Nordstrom, […]

Posted on: Feb 9, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Alternative comics, Books, Cartoonist, Children's Books, Editorial cartooning, Illustration, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Tomi Ungerer – RIP

Jim Earle – RIP

  Cartoonist and teacher Jim Earle has passed away. James Hubert (Jim) Earle May 2, 1932 – February 4, 2019 After completing his architectural design degree, Earle began a 38-year career as a professor (and later department head) in the Department of Engineering Design, now Civil Engineering, during which time he simultaneously pursued a master’s […]

Posted on: Feb 7, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Jim Earle – RIP

Batton Lash – RIP

  Comic strip and comic book cartoonist Batton Lash has passed away. BATTON A. LASH (né Vito Marangi) October 29, 1953 – January 12, 2019 Wife Jackie Estrada has announced the news: He’s gone. Batton Lash, the love of my life, my husband of nearly 25 years, left us this morning at 11:00. The brain […]

Posted on: Jan 12, 2019,  Section: Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment