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Fighting the Q Fight – Ben Garrison Profiled

When the Pulitzer Prize Board announced in June that no one would receive its annual award for excellence in editorial cartooning, many political artists were outraged. The decision seemingly made no sense, especially since so many cartoonists thought they produced great work throughout a hectic year. The finalists themselves felt insulted. But elsewhere, there were […]

Posted on: Jul 30, 2021,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Interviews, Comments: 1 Comment

Conservative Views on View: Ramirez and Stantis

In the new CounterCast conservative cartoonist Scott Stantis (admitted Never-Trumper) interviews conservative cartoonist Michael P. Ramirez (admitted anti-stupid). Michael opines on conservatism (rational realism), liberalism (emotions), Free trade (good), socialism (bad), Trump (lifting regulations, yeah; tariffs, boo), among other topics –  for instance: the cult of personality, vs. conservative principles. Watch the half hour interview […]

Posted on: Jul 29, 2021,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Interviews, podcast, Comments: 2 Comments

Bozo by FoXo

  above: from March 24, 1935 Earlier this year GoComics began running the classic comic strip Bozo by FoXo Reardon. Recently the GoComics crew interviewed Foxo’s son Michael about his father and the strip. What was it like to grow up with a cartoonist as a father? My father had been working as a professional […]

Posted on: Jul 27, 2021,  Section: Andrews McMeel Syndication, Comic strips, Interviews, Comments: 7 Comments

Kevin Cannon is Poster Child for State Fair

Cartographer Kevin Cannon draws a lot into his cartoon maps. But he may have outdone himself with his Minnesota Star Fair poster. From the MinnPost: In late spring 2019, Minneapolis-based cartoonist and illustrator Kevin Cannon learned that he had been chosen as the Minnesota State Fair’s commemorative artist for 2020. Unfortunately, due to The Covid, […]

Posted on: Jul 22, 2021,  Section: Cartooning, How-to, Illustration, Interviews, Comments: 0 Comments

Fire in the Sky – A Brian Fies interview

Brian Fies is a cartoonist from Santa Rosa, California. On October 9, 2017 wildfires burned through Northern California, resulting in 44 fatalities. In addition, 6,200 homes and 8,900 structures were destroyed. He wrote an 18-page webcomic to describe and deal with the fire and the losses it brought to his family and community. Fies later […]

Posted on: Jul 22, 2021,  Section: Books, Graphic Journalism, Graphic Novels, Interviews, Comments: 1 Comment

Life As Charles Johnson Sees It

  Charles Johnson has one of those careers, you know the kind, the ones where you start out at the Chicago Tribune as a political cartoonist, turn Buddhist and philosopher, make a huge splash as a novelist, win the National Book Award, grow so revered that literary societies are founded in your name, host a […]

Posted on: Jul 13, 2021,  Section: Books, Cartoonist, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Interviews, Comments: Comments Off on Life As Charles Johnson Sees It

A New Yorker Cartoonist in Connecticut

© Geoffrey Kloske and Barry Blitt Canadian-born Barry Blitt came to New York in the 1990s to pursue a career as an illustrator. While he had been working in Canada, he felt the move to the big city would further his exposure. And indeed it did. In addition to countless prizes and accolades, in 2020 […]

Posted on: Jul 12, 2021,  Section: Illustration, Interviews, Magazine cartoons, Comments: Comments Off on A New Yorker Cartoonist in Connecticut

Cartoonists Unclassified

Former NCS President Tom Richmond shows off his caricature skills with a recent job for CNN. This consisted of a LOT of caricatures of classic sitcom actors/characters, and it was a tricky thing to compose because I needed to do it in a way that allowed for both a vertical and horizontal format   Former […]

Posted on: Jun 27, 2021,  Section: Caricature, Cartooning, Cartoonist, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Exhibits, Interviews, web comics, Comments: 1 Comment

Will McPhail Answers Questions

Magazine cartoonist Will McPhail has a new book out and is making the rounds. Which was scarier? Sending your first cartoon to the New Yorker or sitting down to work on your debut graphic novel? Definitely The New Yorker. I had no idea that I was supposed to be scared of doing the graphic novel […]

Posted on: Jun 22, 2021,  Section: Books, Cartoonist, Graphic Novels, Interviews, Magazine cartoons, Comments: Comments Off on Will McPhail Answers Questions

Hey! Lynn Johnston! Whatcha Doin’?

The Vancouver Sun recently talked to cartoonist Lynn Johnston about her “retirement.” Q: For Better or For Worse still runs in about 1,600 newspapers worldwide. Do you oversee the reprints? A: Yes. We have to do some editing. We have to put helmets on the skiers, we have to put seatbelts on people in cars, […]

Posted on: Jun 16, 2021,  Section: Cartoonist, Comic strips, Interviews, Comments: 1 Comment

Emmy Interviews Brian Crane, Pickles Cartoonist

Here are the questions [Emmy] asked Brian: Where did you come up with the name ‘Pickles’ for your comic strip? Tell me about Opal and Earl. How did you get major newspapers to publish your comic strip and keep publishing it after all these years? How do you come with ideas for a new comic […]

Posted on: Apr 29, 2021,  Section: Comic strips, Interviews, Comments: 1 Comment

Shary Flenniken, from Air Pirate to NatLamp Star

Shary Flenniken ran away from Seattle and became a cartooning star. In her free time, she started illustrating covers and comics for the fleet of underground newspapers that were springing up around Seattle in those days: the Helix, the Seattle Simpleton and the Seattle Liberation Front’s flagship title, Sabot. After a few false starts, Flenniken […]

Posted on: Apr 28, 2021,  Section: Books, Comic strips, Interviews, Magazines, Comments: Comments Off on Shary Flenniken, from Air Pirate to NatLamp Star

Liza Donnelly: Cartoonist, Historian, Advocate

Young Liza had succeeded in fulfilling a lifelong dream. In 1979 Liza Donnelly joined three other women as the female force of New Yorker cartoonists; there were more than ten times that many male cartoonists contributing to the magazine then. Not long before that she was made aware that she was a “woman cartoonist,” prior […]

Posted on: Apr 12, 2021,  Section: Cartooning, Cartoonist, Interviews, Magazine cartoons, Profiles, Comments: Comments Off on Liza Donnelly: Cartoonist, Historian, Advocate

Cartoon Carousel – Zoom! Pow! Crash!

Spring Break Cartooning with Mike Lynch ABOUT THE CLASS: Make comics with professional cartoonist Mike Lynch. In this week-long course, we will learn to create characters, animals, dinosaurs, monsters, sharks, superheroes, aliens, word balloons (BOOM! POW! CRASH!) and more, and then put these drawing skills together to make our own comic book stories together via […]

Posted on: Apr 8, 2021,  Section: Books, Cartooning, Comic history, Comic strips, Events, Interviews, Comments: Comments Off on Cartoon Carousel – Zoom! Pow! Crash!

Random Whatnots

© Condé Nast The Argentine artist Liniers is now settled in Vermont, but he knows New York City well. He knows the rhythm of the seasons; and he knows, too, that life begins underground, especially when there’s a whiff of spring in the air. We recently talked to the artist about his work, city life, […]

Posted on: Mar 16, 2021,  Section: Animation, Comic Books, Comic strips, Events, Graphic Journalism, How-to, Interviews, Comments: Comments Off on Random Whatnots