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National Cartoonists Society Diamond Anniversary

A Murder of Crows. A Barrel of Monkeys. A Reuben of Cartoonists? 75 years ago a group of cartoonists got together and decided to form a club. It had been tried before without lasting success. This time it lasted. No one better than R. C. Harvey to give the details: ON FRIDAY NIGHT, March 1, […]

Posted on: Feb 28, 2021,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, National Cartoonist Society, Reuben, Comments: 2 Comments

CARTOONIST PROfiles Archives

A treasure trove for cartooning fans is now available! The Internet Archive has made available the run of Jud Hurd’s CARTOONIST PROfiles magazine. From issue #1 (March, 1969) to issue #146 (June, 2005) CARTOONIST PROfiles was THE insider magazine for newspaper and magazine cartoonists (and greeting cards and illustration and and animation and caricature and… […]

Posted on: Feb 15, 2021,  Section: Caricature, Cartooning, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic history, Comic strips, Magazines, Comments: 1 Comment

The Al Jaffee Project – Audience Participation

Sam Viviano has devised a wonderful project for the world. Next month (March 13) is Al Jaffee‘s 100th birthday and Sam has an idea that involves very little effort on our part: In normal times, we’d throw a huge party, and invite all fifty billion of Al’s closest friends to attend. Unfortunately, this is not […]

Posted on: Feb 8, 2021,  Section: Anniversaries, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Events, Comments: 1 Comment

Black (Comics) History Month

There is a growing and welcome sub-genre of comics history that deals with African American cartoonists and the work they have produced. Below, some books off the shelf dealing with the subject. Invisible Men by Ken Quattro is the most recent of the books about Black cartoonists. This deals with the Golden Age of comic […]

Posted on: Feb 1, 2021,  Section: Alternative comics, Caricature, Cartoonist, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic history, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 1 Comment

“Love! Heartbreak! Applause! Self Pity!”

American cartoonist Jules Feiffer is considered the most widely read satirist in the country. In 1986, he won the Pulitzer Prize as a leading editorial cartoonist and one of his most widely read and popular series was the weekly satirical comic strip, “Feiffer” which ran in the Village Voice from 1956 to 1997. Feiffer’s cartoons […]

Posted on: Jan 19, 2021,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Exhibits, Illustration, Comments: Comments Off on “Love! Heartbreak! Applause! Self Pity!”

Original Art to Rare 1953 Peanuts Promotional Item

In the Spring of 1954 newspaper readers were offered, for the price of a self-addressed stamped envelope, “The Peanuts Album.” a twelve page booklet featuring the then stars of Charles M. Schulz‘s comic strip. As the promo above notes there were 10,000 of the items printed, now a rarity. But now the original art for […]

Posted on: Nov 24, 2020,  Section: Auctions, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic history, Comic strips, Comments: 1 Comment

Cartoonist Chronicles

Recent (and not-so-recent) articles on comic and cartoon history. God’s Man, A Novel in Woodcuts by Lynn Ward This is “Gods’ Man,” a 1929 black-and-white wordless novel that tells a Faustian tale of ambition, love, greed and death. It’s by the illustrator and woodcut artist Lynd Ward. It is widely regarded as the first American […]

Posted on: Nov 12, 2020,  Section: Books, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic history, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Graphic Novels, Comments: 2 Comments

A (Belated) Happy 90th to R. O. Blechman

R. O. (Bob) Blechman, a master of animation and illustration, celebrated his 90th birthday on October 1, 2020. Whether on animation cels or as ink on paper Blechmans lines are instantly recognizable (and much imitated). Steven Heller, at Print, joins in the celebration of his friend.   above: covers for The New Yorker and Story […]

Posted on: Oct 12, 2020,  Section: Animation, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Illustration, Comments: Comments Off on A (Belated) Happy 90th to R. O. Blechman

Tales From Cartooning

Joe Kubert is an acknowledged master of the comic arts,but here Mark Avila appreciates him as the greatest teacher of the comic arts.   The Society of Illustrators has organized ways for you to enjoy the Museum and our programming online! This includes exhibits, panels, podcasts, and children’s activities. Explore our #MuseumFromHome through our new […]

Posted on: Sep 17, 2020,  Section: Animation, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Cartoons, Comic history, Comic strips, Exhibits, Comments: Comments Off on Tales From Cartooning


Not meaning to downplay the efforts of the other National Cartoonists Society deserving nominees for Cartoonist of the Year, but I can’t remember being happier on hearing who won The Reuben than I was when Lynda Barry was named today.   I am overjoyed by this recognition of Lynda’s talent. She makes me happy. I […]

Posted on: Sep 12, 2020,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, National Cartoonist Society, NCSFest, Reuben, Comments: 1 Comment

74th Annual Reuben Awards – Divisional Winners

Nominees and Winners for the Divisional Reuben Awards for work in 2019.   EDITORIAL CARTOONING   winner:     MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATION winner:     NEWSPAPER PANELS winner:     GAG CARTOONS winner:     ONLINE COMICS – SHORT FORM winner:     ONLINE COMICS – LONG FORM winner:     ONLINE ANIMATION winner:     […]

Posted on: Sep 12, 2020,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, National Cartoonist Society, Reuben, Comments: Comments Off on 74th Annual Reuben Awards – Divisional Winners

Jackie Ormes Honored with Google Doodle

Today (September 1) cartoonist Jackie Ormes is being honored with a Google Doodle slideshow. Jackie Ormes was born Zelda Mavin Jackson on August 1, 1911, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She taught herself to draw at an early age and showcased her skills with a page of cartoons in her high school yearbook. After graduation, she entered […]

Posted on: Sep 1, 2020,  Section: Cartoonist, Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic history, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 2 Comments

Al Jaffee, at 99, is Interviewed

When you worked for Eisner and then when you got out of the service and worked for Stan Lee, were all of your colleagues obsessed with comics? Did you talk a lot about comics and the artists in the field. I think in the back of the minds of everybody who could draw straight figures […]

Posted on: Jul 1, 2020,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic history, Comments: Comments Off on Al Jaffee, at 99, is Interviewed

Silverstein: A Man Named Shel

Last night, while I lay thinking here,Some Whatifs crawled inside my earAnd pranced and partied all night longAnd sang their same old Whatif song:Whatif I flunk that test?Whatif green hair grows on my chest?Whatif nobody likes me?Whatif a bolt of lightning strikes me?… from A Light in the Attic   When asked many years ago […]

Posted on: Jun 28, 2020,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comments: 2 Comments

Joe Sinnott – RIP

Famed comic book artist Joe Sinnott has passed away. Joseph Leonard (Joe) Sinnott October 16, 1926 – June 25, 2020 From the Joe Sinnott Facebook notice: It with great sorrow that we must announce the passing of Joltin’ Joe Sinnott on June 25th at 8:40am at the age of 93. He went peacefully with the […]

Posted on: Jun 25, 2020,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment