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Cartoonists Contributing to Comics Kingdom Blog

Not to minimize the efforts of Edgar, who has been doing an excellent job of regularly updating the Comics Kingdom Blog, but it is exciting (to me) that beginning last week King Features Syndicate cartoonists have joined Edgar in posting to the blog. Brian Walker, Alex Hallatt, Wayno, Rino Piccolo, Jim Keefe, Bill Bettwy, John […]

Posted on: Mar 30, 2020,  Section: Blogs, Comic strips, King Features, Comments: 1 Comment

Yesterday and Today (Past and Present Tents)

Let’s clear out some bookmarked items.   The Complete Wonder Woman Newspaper Strips Now Complete When IDW published Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics it wasn’t complete. There was one strip they had failed to find. When the series was originally winding down, in late 1945, it was thought that it most likely appeared in […]

Posted on: Sep 2, 2019,  Section: Blogs, Comic Books, Comic strips, Comments: Comments Off on Yesterday and Today (Past and Present Tents)

John P. Weiss, Drawer of Cartoons & Writer of Life

John P. Weiss is a retired police chief, a fine artist of landscapes, a cartoonist with style, and an inspirational writer. With column headings such as Are You Committing This Mistake With Your Creative Work? – with a bit about Thomas Kinkade   This is How to Survive Productivity and Win at Life. and more; […]

Posted on: Aug 28, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Blogs, Cartooning, Illustration, Comments: Comments Off on John P. Weiss, Drawer of Cartoons & Writer of Life

Comics 101

AMP Kids has reinvigorated their blog with a new series – Comics 101. Amp Kids is Andrews McMeel‘s publishing arm for young readers. Among others things they have recently started a more or less weekly series about Comics for Kids.   Why Comics are Great for Kids (and Libraries) The numbers speak for themselves: When […]

Posted on: Jul 30, 2019,  Section: Blogs, Comic strips, Graphic Novels, Publishers, Comments: Comments Off on Comics 101

Cartoonists’ Challenge Coins

People in the military all know what a challenge coin is, but few civilians do. A challenge, or unit, coin is a medallion that represents affiliation, support or patronage to the organization minted on the coin. Almost all military units have their own coins, carried by the members of the units, and commanders often have […]

Posted on: Feb 4, 2019,  Section: Awards, Blogs, Comic strips, National Cartoonist Society, Comments: Comments Off on Cartoonists’ Challenge Coins

Please support Mike Lynch’s blog

I missed this last Friday, but worth noting. You probably already know or have visited Mike Lynch blog – it’s a close cousin blog to The Daily Cartoonist as far as focus, but Mike has more emphasis on magazine cartoons and cartoon history than TDC. It’s on my daily read list. Mike’s been doing the […]

Posted on: Mar 10, 2014,  Section: Blogs, Cartoons, Comic strips, Comments: 2 Comments

Thompson to post running commentary of his comic

Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson has announced that he’s going to be posting daily commentary about each day’s strip on his blog. Or has he puts it… This blog has gotten a little moldy and stale, so to perk it up some I’m going to start a new feature that’ll run daily, or until […]

Posted on: Aug 9, 2010,  Section: Blogs, Comic strips, Comments: 5 Comments

Lowe wins local SPJ award for cartooning, blogging

The Sun Sentinel’s Chan Lowe was honored in two of this year’s Society of Professional Journalists’ South Florida chapter categories. Chan won first place in the editorial cartooning category and second place in the blogging category for affiliated blogs. Regarding his cartooning, the judges wrote, “Chan’s cartoons were like a seasoned prize fighter. They hit […]

Posted on: Jun 8, 2010,  Section: Awards, Blogs, Editorial cartooning, Comments: Comments Off on Lowe wins local SPJ award for cartooning, blogging

Washington Post to host “cartoon project” (UPDATED)

Starting May 10, the Washington Post’s “Comic Riffs” will begin what the blog’s author Michael Cavna calls “a better way” to aid aspiring cartoonists. Sharpen your pencils, sharpen your comic minds — and check back here in this space come Monday, May 10. UPDATE: I asked Mr. Cavna if he could elaborate at all on […]

Posted on: May 10, 2010,  Section: Blogs, Comic strips, How-to, Comments: 13 Comments

2010 Doug Wright Award winners announced

Congrats to Seth, Michael DeForge and Marc Bell. Press release: Canada’s finest comics and graphic novels were celebrated last night as the 6th annual Doug Wright Awards touched down in Toronto?s Bram & Bluma Appel Salon in a ceremony hosted by ReGenesis actor Peter Outerbridge. This year?s top honours included: BEST BOOK: George Sprott: (1894-1975) […]

Posted on: May 10, 2010,  Section: Awards, Blogs, Graphic Novels, Comments: Comments Off on 2010 Doug Wright Award winners announced

Podcast interviews: Mike Cavna and Guy Gilchrist

Two podcast interviews of note: Comics Coast to Coast interviewed Guy Gilchrist, cartoonist for the Nancy strip and budding country music artist. Tom Racine interviews the Comic Riffs blogger Michael Cavna.

Posted on: Mar 9, 2010,  Section: Blogs, Comic strips, Interviews, Podcasts, Comments: 1 Comment

Rhode to write comic column for Washington paper

Mike Rhode, who writes the ComicsDC blog, has been tapped to write a weekly column on local comic arts for The Washington City Paper. Much to my surprise, I was recently asked to write on comic art for Washington City Paper. My previous contact with the paper, beyond being a regular reader of it since […]

Posted on: Jan 20, 2010,  Section: Blogs, Comments: 2 Comments

News briefs for December 23, 2009

Comic Strips » JC Duffy has launched called “Nightly Deposits.” Interviews » Scott Nickel interviews illustrator Danny Hellman. Webcomics » Comic Book Resources has posted their review of the year in webcomics.

Posted on: Dec 23, 2009,  Section: Blogs, Comic strips, Interviews, web comics, Comments: 4 Comments

Tony Blair: Yale Press did the right thing

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is teaching a course on Faith and Globalization at Yale University, has stated that he thinks Yale Press made the right decision to not include the infamous Muhammad cartoons in a book about the cartoons. When asked how he would have approached the matter, he replied: It’s certainly […]

Posted on: Sep 11, 2009,  Section: Blogs, Cartoons, Controversies, International, Comments: Comments Off on Tony Blair: Yale Press did the right thing

Reuben, NCS division awards results here live on Saturday

I’m closing shop down for the weekend to head to AZ for a family wedding. Thanks to Mary Anne Grimes at United Media and John Read of Stay Tooned! magazine, we’ll be able to bring you the results of the National Cartoonists Association’s Reuben Awards weekend. Mary and John will be texting me the results […]

Posted on: May 21, 2009,  Section: Awards, Blogs, National Cartoonist Society, Comments: 9 Comments