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Planet Whatnot

The Bottom Ten Warner Bros. Cartoons © Warner Bros. Instead of listing his Top Ten animation expert Jerry Beck lists his least favorite. Of the over 1000 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts – I honestly could find something of value in 990 of them. Yes, even the ones pre-1936 and the ones post-1964. That […]

Posted on: Apr 14, 2021,  Section: Animation, Awards, Comic history, Web Sites, Comments: 0 Comments

Random Whatnots

© Condé Nast The Argentine artist Liniers is now settled in Vermont, but he knows New York City well. He knows the rhythm of the seasons; and he knows, too, that life begins underground, especially when there’s a whiff of spring in the air. We recently talked to the artist about his work, city life, […]

Posted on: Mar 16, 2021,  Section: Animation, Comic Books, Comic strips, Events, Graphic Journalism, How-to, Interviews, Comments: Comments Off on Random Whatnots

Animator/Director Gerald Potterton Turns 90

Happy 90th Birthday to animator and director Gerald Potterton. Most famous for directing the animated Heavy Metal movie from 1981, Gerald also animated cartoons and directed live action films. From  Wikipedia: Potterton has been nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film: as director on the National Film Board of Canada […]

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This ‘n’ That from This Week That Was

I’m not going to make a habit of commenting on things I’ve drawn, but I think I do need to say a few things about “Club Nematoda,” a kind of Village Vanguard I had imagined for some hipster worms. Saying nothing would have been like a cartoon hit-and-run; I had to go back and explain […]

Posted on: Jan 30, 2021,  Section: Animation, Awards, Cartoonist, Comic Books, Comic strips, Exhibits, Magazines, Comments: Comments Off on This ‘n’ That from This Week That Was

A Little of This, A Little of That

Tain’t Funny McGee McPherson © John McPherson A New Castle News reader finds no humor in a Close to Home comic: I no longer “read” The News but scan for something of local or personal interest, such as Dr. Roach’s “Your Health.” As on Saturday when a “cartoon” of God’s chosen man, Moses, was right […]

Posted on: Jan 26, 2021,  Section: Animation, Books, Comic strips, Comments: 1 Comment

Ron Campbell – RIP

Animator Ron Campbell has passed away. Ron Campbell December 26, 1939 – January 22, 2021   From the Ron Campbell Cartoon Pop Art Facebook page: It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have received news that famed animator/producer/director/storyboard artist Ron Campbell has passed away at age 81. Ron was a dear […]

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Call for Entries: 2020 NCS Divisional Awards

The National Cartoonists Society has begun its annual call for entries for consideration for the NCS Divisional Reuben Awards recognizing excellence in professional cartooning. As always, you DO NOT have to be a member of the NCS to have your work considered for a divisional award. All that is required is that the work be […]

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Wrapping Up the Old with a Year-End Roundup

Some miscellaneous items from the recent past. On this day 25 years ago, Bill Watterson’s iconic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes bid us farewell. To take us on a path down memory lane, here are some of the best Calvin and Hobbes strips created. Well, some of the best as decided by Mackenzie Cummings-Grady.   […]

Posted on: Dec 31, 2020,  Section: Animation, Books, Comic strips, Newspaper industry, Comments: 1 Comment

The Comics Research Bibliography 2020 Edition, Your Resource Source, Now Available

Over 1200 pages long with more than 1200 new entries, this is a bibliography of articles and books on all aspects of comic and cartoon art including comic books, comic strips, cartoons, animation, editorial cartoons, newly updated as of the end of 2018. The electronic book, a non DRM PDF, includes tens of thousands of […]

Posted on: Dec 30, 2020,  Section: Alternative comics, Animation, Books, Cartooning, Cartoons, Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, International, Magazine cartoons, web comics, Comments: Comments Off on The Comics Research Bibliography 2020 Edition, Your Resource Source, Now Available

David Mruz – RIP

Comics and animation historian David Mruz has passed away.   David Richard Mruz February 11, 1951 – December 20. 2020 Comics and animation historian, fanzine publisher: Mindrot/Animania When most of us think of Minneapolis cartoonists our thoughts go back to Charles Schulz, for native Minnesotan David Mruz his thoughts go back much further to another […]

Posted on: Dec 28, 2020,  Section: Animation, Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

2020 In Memoriam Lists

Year-end lists are starting to show up. A couple In Memoriam on animation sites have been posted. Cartoon Brew documented obituaries in the animation industry. The past 12 months, in which the spectre of disease and death loomed over everything, saw Cartoon Brew chalk up a sad record: we have never published so many obituaries […]

Posted on: Dec 23, 2020,  Section: Animation, Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Bill Plympton’s SLIDE Kickstarter

Famed animator Bill Plympton has three days to raise $40,000 for his independent animated feature. As a kid growing up among the tall timbers of Oregon, I wanted to create a Western that takes place in the evergreen-covered mountains. It’s 50 years later, I’ve had Oscar nominations and won Cannes Festival awards, and it’s time […]

Posted on: Dec 13, 2020,  Section: Animation, Fund Raisers, Comments: Comments Off on Bill Plympton’s SLIDE Kickstarter

Animated Mindrot*

For some reason I have a few stories relating to animation in the queue. A Charlie Brown Christmas at 55   Multiple generations of kids will agree that it doesn’t really begin to look a lot like Christmas until A Charlie Brown Christmas graces the airwaves. Premiering 55 years ago on Dec. 9, 1965, the […]

Posted on: Dec 9, 2020,  Section: Animation, Comments: Comments Off on Animated Mindrot*

Helen Komar – RIP

Animator Helen Komar has passed away. Helen (Sobkow) KomarSeptember 4, 1927 – November 27, 2020   From the obituary: Helen was an accomplished artist who enjoyed illustrating, cartooning, and portraiture. She was a master of pastel, pencil, oil and acrylic mediums. Millions of people are unaware that they have seen her animated work on TV […]

Posted on: Dec 2, 2020,  Section: Animation, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Helen Komar – RIP

Clifford Controversy: Too Big, Wrong Red

Fans of Clifford The Big Red Dog are upset about the live-action movie since they saw CGI Clifford in the newly released movie teaser. Fans say Clifford is the size of a monster and the shade of red is all wrong. Clifford looks weird I don’t like it, why is it realistic clifford is already […]

Posted on: Nov 27, 2020,  Section: Animation, Children's Books, Controversies, Movies, Comments: 2 Comments