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Prickly City Comic Strip Should Be Framed and Installed in Every Elected Official’s Office

A Letter to the Editor of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

On Aug. 31, as I usually do, I opened the newspaper, paged through the news section, read the editorials, the op-ed columns and the letters to the editor. Then I turned to the comics.

In the comic strip “Prickly City” by Scott Stantis, the character Carmen was holding an American flag and asking the question: “What did we gain?” This strip said more, and more effectively, than all the rest of the newspaper that day. It brought me to tears.

I hope this comic strip is reproduced and a copy of it is on the desk or office wall of everyone in Washington who ever thinks about starting a war.

The August 31 Prickly City by Scott Stantis;
the concept continued the following day and through the week.

© Scott Stantis

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