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The Missing Doonesbury Sundays, No Longer Lost!

The Sunday Doonesbury page first appeared on March 21, 1971, not all those early Sunday comics are available. For some reason the Doonesbury website, Dbury @ 50, and the GoComics archives are missing about half the Sunday Doonesbury comic strips from that Spring of 1971. The seven Sunday strips from April 18, 1971, April 25, 1971, and May 9, 1971 through June 6, 1971 are not available through any of those avenues. Now through the efforts of, and with the gracious permission of,
Rick (Comics Revue) Norwood we can present The Missing Doonesbury in (mostly) color.

A note on the sources –
Rick Norwood has tearsheets of the third-page Doonesbury from the Sunday color comics section.
We have cobbled the top tier from The San Francisco Chronicle tabloid funnies via

above: The only Chicago Tribune half page Doonesbury of the missing strips.
Doonesbury © G. B. Trudeau

Between Rick’s great reproduction of the color comics and the so-so reproduction from The S.F. Chronicle’s black and white microfilm we are able to present as half pages the Sunday Doonesbury comic strips that have gone missing until now.
(The smaller third and tab page strips will open up to a larger view with a clarity easier on the eyes.)


April 18, 1971:



April 25, 1971:


the original art:


May 2, 1971 (not on GoComics, but is in Dbury @ 50?):


May 9, 1971:



May 16, 1971:


original art:


May 23, 1971:



May 30, 1971:



June 6, 1971:


Combine the above strips with Dbury @ 50 and you’ll have every syndicated Doonesbury strip.

Again – to Rick Norwood.

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#1 Brian Fies
@ 5:32 pm

Now THAT’S a vital public service! You’ve contributed to comics history today, DD. May the ghost of Rube Goldberg bless you in some overly elaborate mechanical fashion!

#2 Kip Williams
@ 8:28 am

I passed this along on Twitter yesterday, and Roland B. Hedley liked it.

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