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Robert Arial’s “Lowcountry” Comic Strip Debuts

The Charleston City Paper is introducing its readers to a new comic strip. Longtime South Carolina editorial cartoonist Robert Ariail will now contribute a comic strip to the alternative weekly.

Nationally syndicated cartoonist Robert Ariail will begin appear in the City Paper this week with a new cartoon series he’s calling, “Lowcountry.”

Ariail, who lives in Camden, was the editorial cartoonist for The State newspaper from 1984 until 2009, and was twice named a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1995 and 2000.

His new cartoon series will focus on coastal issues, a topic he said he’s innately familiar with.

Read the City Paper’s introduction.

by Robert Ariail
September 9, 2020 –
Charleston City Paper


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#1 George Paczolt
@ 5:31 am

Wonderful punchline! Very impressive start.

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