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Zits’ Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman Interviewed

I think our partnership is pretty remarkable. [We] each have the attitude that we will gladly do two-thirds of the work. We’ve lifted each other during the rough times that life brings. We live by the Golden Rule of Improvisation, which means that when one of us has an idea, the other says “Yes, and…” We’ve always appreciated each other’s strengths and readily compliment each other’s work. In the end, a cartoonist is usually working for an audience of one, and we are each other’s one. If I can make [him] laugh, I’ve had a good day.

Edgar, at Comics Kingdom, interviews Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman about Zits.

above: Zits break out in 1997

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#1 Wiley Miller
@ 7:58 am

I’m breaking my internet silence for this one occassion just to say that these are two of the three nicest guys you will ever meet, as well as being such outstanding cartoonists. The third is Jerry Scott’s partner on Baby Blues, Rick Kirkman.

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