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Dog Eat Doug – Livin’ La Vida Limbo?

Another Monday and another week of Dog Eat Doug reruns.

You may remember back in July Brian Anderson switched syndicates from Creators to Andrews McMeel. As the Aiken Standard explained their loss of the strip:

The truth is we didn’t want to make a change in comics. We were perfectly happy to keep running “Dog Eat Doug.” But I was notified by Creators Syndicate a few weeks ago that it was no longer available to us, and that we needed to make a choice on a new comic strip.

I made some follow-up inquiries this week to clarify why we aren’t getting “Dog Eat Doug” anymore. Turns out, it’s complicated and involves contractual issues with “Dog Eat Doug’s” cartoonist, Brian Anderson. We will keep you posted if something changes and we can start running it again.

The switch lasted three weeks, then Dog Eat Doug returned to Creators. But as reruns since then.

And the three weeks of new Andrews McMeel syndicated strips have disappeared online, replaced by the Creators reruns that had been running since July 20th.

Above: the original AMS strip for July 28; below: the July 28 strip currently on GoComics.

But why only reruns since Dog Eat Doug has returned to Creators? I can’t believe that Brian Anderson only drew three weeks worth of new daily comics (the Sundays continued with new pages until August 9, 2020). There must be new, original strips in the pipeline, so why aren’t they being distributed to newspapers? Is Brian holding them back? Is Creators punishing the cartoonist for his insurgency? Is a “First and Last” installment of Dog Eat Doug in the offing?


full disclosure: The Daily Cartoonist is a parcel in the Andrews McMeel tract.


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#1 Darryl Heine
@ 1:41 pm

Hope it doesn’t go the 2013-2019 Darby Conley “Get Fuzzy” route.

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