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Carl Granath – RIP

Cartoonist Carl Granath has passed away.

Carl Robert Granath
September 30, 1930 – May 28, 2020


From the obituary:

He was in demand as a writer, art director and voice talent during his long career with major advertising agencies in Chicago but hated watching commercials. He was an animator and cartoonist who grew up idolizing Walt Disney and Charles Shultz but it was his work as a songwriter and lyricist that inspired cartoonists. Carl’s “Armour Hot Dog Song” was featured in Pixar’s animated feature “Monsters Inc” and on an episode of “The Simpsons.” Carl worked with comedians Steve Allen and John Cleese, Chicago Bears legend Walter Payton, and country music star Roy Clark. He created countless logos, t-shirts, invitations and posters for different causes and projects throughout his career. Pittsboro’s City Hall still flies the flag Carl designed.


For a few years at the beginning of the21st Century Carl contributed cartoons, editorial and otherwise, to the Chatham County Line.


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