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Walt and The Good Ol’ Days in Gasoline Alley

Jim Scancarelli used his Sunday space to honor the history of his Gasoline Alley strip,
and do homage to the strip’s creator Frank King.

Jim did his research for those throwback panels.


Gasoline Alley January 15, 1921


Gasoline Alley February 2, 1921


Gasoline Alley April 16, 1921


Gasoline Alley January 14, 1921


Great job Jim!

Gasoline Alley can be read at the Tribune site or at GoComics.
Hat tip to Crittenden Automotive Library for 1921 panels.


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#1 Carl Pietrantonio
@ 5:31 am

Please note in the third featured panel…Both King and Scancarelli after him, gave Walt’s car ANDY GUMP’S license plate number!

Harry Truman was such a Gumps fan that as a county judge he made the county give him THAT number for HIS lovense plate!

#2 Carl Pietrantonio
@ 5:32 am

OOPS! Never mind…. Gumps # 348 and this is 354. Too tired after flying from Italy and got confused. Couldn’t find how to edit.

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