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Letters: Distasteful, Over the Line, Offensive

Newspaper editors get letters.


Jeff Stahler

Monday’s editorial cartoon by Jeff Stahler was not only out of line, but also totally distasteful. If it was meant to be amusing, it certainly went over my head. There is nothing funny about wildfires, and the evacuation of 200,000 families personifies that fact. No, Stahler, I was not amused! Or did I miss the point?



Bob Englehart

An editorial cartoon posted Oct. 24 on, depicts a family in religious-like clothing with pots on their heads, in which the mother says to a mother that reaches for her son, “Our religious beliefs require the children to infect the world with mumps, measles and whooping cough.” To me, that is inflammatory because some people may take it to mean that anyone whose practiced religious beliefs are not the same as theirs should be regarded with caution in the least and hated at most…


Over the Line

Moderately Confused

Today’s (Oct. 28) comic strip, “Moderately Confused,” belongs on your editorial page, IMHO! It’s a tad bit over the line politically, no matter what your opinion.


Fear Mongering

Mike Lester

Wednesday’s editorial cartoon suggests that if we implement Medicare for all, a loaf of bread will cost $1,000.
Most industrialized countries have some form of Medicare for all, and their bread is not dramatically more expensive than ours. Is this example of fear mongering what we have to expect in the coming election? Will fear of the socialist boogeyman lead us to re-elect the oligarch wannabe?


And a letter to the readers:


Jeff Stahler

Many Elko Daily Free Press readers strongly objected to the editorial cartoon that ran in Wednesday’s edition, saying it painted Trump supporters as racist.

While we can’t claim to interpret the artist’s intent, we also can’t ignore the overwhelmingly negative reaction his work received, and we regret publishing a cartoon that so many readers found offensive.

The Elko Daily Free Press apologized for running a Jeff Stahler cartoon,
and dragged Rob Rogers into it.

Rob Rogers


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#1 Brad Walker
@ 9:36 am

The MC is not true to life.

Everyone knows a Halloween costume would be “Sexy Trump.” (The horror, the horror…)

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