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Stan Lynde & The Great Montana Cattle Drive of ’89

Leading up to the state’s centennial a small group decided Stan Lynde‘s idea of
a 60 mile Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive, though crazy, had merit.

A massive undertaking, the cattle drive involved 105 drovers, 2,812 cattle, 208 wagons, 3,337 horses for 2,397 cowboys and cowgirls, and 79 horse wranglers.

Stan Lynde, famous for his Rick O’Shay and Latigo western comic strips, was all in on the idea.
So far in that he created two dozen cartoons for the Billings Gazette to publicize the event.

From March to August of 1989 the cartoons appeared weekly in the paper’s “Trail Dusters” sectiion.

For the 30th anniversary of The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive of 1989 the Billings Gazette has collected all of these rare Stan Lynde weekly cartoons on one page.




Some extra Stan:

Some of you probably know about Stan’s Grass Roots panel,
but are you familiar with Stan’s Cowboy Lore & Legend and a Montana version?


For much more, including Latigo Sundays, check in at the Stan Lynde site.







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