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Cartoonist Awards Reporter 2019 H-Eisman Trophy

Last year Larry Yudelson profiled Hy Eisman for the Jewish Standard.

That story won a Rockower Award:

Category 11: The David Frank Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles
Division A. Newspapers 15,000 circulation and over; Broadcast
Second Place
Jewish Standard, Teaneck, NJ
“Popeye the Sailor’s man in Glen Rock” by Larry Yudelson
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CommentGood read, the subject comes alive, along with the era when Sunday comics were king.

But according to Yudelson:

… the most surprising, and most touching, award came in the mail not long after we announced the Rockower prize. Hy Eisman, who as it turns out reads the Jewish Standard, sent along an award of his own, featuring Popeye and Olive Oil.


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#1 John Rose
@ 3:20 pm

Hy is incredible! What a wonderful piece of art that I’m sure Mr. Yudelson will always treasure!

#2 Donnie Pitchford
@ 3:26 pm

Hy Eisman is a treasure! Thank you for covering this.

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