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The Fusco Brothers at 30 ( not -30- )

The Fusco Brothers by J. C. Duffy first appeared on August 7, 1989.
It celebrated the anniversary with today’s strip.

Duffy has been a cartoonist for “longer than I’d care to calculate,” with this strip appearing in print and online newspapers and other work appearing in publications such as The New Yorker, Mad and The Wall Street Journal. He most enjoys the creativity and flexibility that the profession allows. Andrews McMeel (formerly Universal Press Syndicate) has syndicated The Fusco Brothers for nearly all of its entirety (it was syndicated by Lew Little Enterprises, Inc. for the first six months), which has allowed Duffy to form a close, positive relationship with his editors.

“I’m excited every time I get a new batch of strips,” said Josh Peres, who has served as editor for The Fusco Brothers since 2012. “Duffy is the master of taking something you’ve seen before — a fly in one’s soup, happy hour at the bar, a lawyer approaching the bench — and making it hilarious and new.

On the occasion, Andrews McMeel profiles the comic strip and the cartoonist.


With a big hat tip to Tom Heintjes and Hogan’s Alley magazine,
here are the first four Fusco Brothers comic strips from 1989:




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#1 Samuli Lintula
@ 1:38 am

A Master of his craft. Congrats!

The Fuscos don’t look a day over 30.

#2 Cranked
@ 4:06 pm

I love the Fuscos! Bizarre and very funny

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