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de Adder Does It Again


The Toronto Star and a Halifax artist are being criticized over the publication of an editorial cartoon depicting Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Lisa MacLeod.

The drawing comes after MacLeod was in the news due to vulgar language she reportedly directed towards Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk at a Rolling Stones concert near Barrie over the Canada Day long weekend. At the event, MacLeod reportedly pushed through the crowd and confronted Melnyk, saying: “I am your minister, and you’re a f–king piece of s–t and you’re a f–king loser.”

The problem with the Michael de Adder cartoon is the previous medical history of MacLeod:

MacLeod has said previously that she has struggled with mental health issues.

In an interview with Global News, artist Michael de Adder said he didn’t know MacLeod had battled issues with mental health.

“I probably would have changed things a bit … I had a crazy week. I didn’t do my homework; that will not happen again. I will be fluent in all the on-goings of Ontario politics in the future,” de Adder said.

Global News describes the blowback.



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#1 Mike Lynch
@ 5:54 am

Lisa MacLeod should resign. Saying “I am your minister, and you’re a f–king piece of s–t and you’re a f–king loser” is somehow less controversial than a cartoon? Claiming victimhood and wanting sympathy after this nasty behavior is abhorrent.

#2 Paul Pinderski
@ 8:27 am

If MacLeod is claiming her tirade was caused by her mental condition, then the cartoon is factual. If she is claiming her tirade was not caused by her mental condition, what is her excuse?

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