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Scott Stantis Goes Freelance with Chicago Tribune


After 10 years as full-time editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune, Scott Stantis is taking a step back from the drawing board by shifting to freelance status.

From Chicago media reporter Robert Feder:

Under the new arrangement, his work will continue to appear in the Tribune but less frequently than it does now.

Stantis said the voluntary cutback will allow him to pursue other interests and projects, including writing children’s books, painting, and exploring animation.

Turning 60 earlier this year prompted his reassessment. “This milestone got me to thinking that, after a 40-plus year career, there are so many other things I want to try, and time is more and more precious,” Stantis told me.


Scott’s contributions to The Tribune started slowing late last month with the end of his Cartoon Caption Contest. And, I’m guessing, he will continue to contribute editorial cartoons to Counterpoint along with his Chicago Tribune cartoons. Plus his partnership with Eric Allie on Prickly City will go on (I hope).

So, while exploring other options, he still retains a full hand in the comics world.

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#1 Don Lee
@ 5:32 am

I’m going to call this a case of the bird perched on the fragile twig deciding to trust not the twig, but its own wings.

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