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AAEC/ACC and NCS – 2020 Convention Conflict?


Bado posted the news about the Association of Canadian Cartoonists and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists joint convention for 2020.

Per Bado:

We are happy to announce that Ottawa will be hosting, next May 14-17, the 2020 conventions of both the Association of Canadian Cartoonists and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

I had a few reactions.

1. Yeah, with dwindling memberships editorial cartooning organizations are having to partner up with others for their conventions – this year the AAEC is doing it with the CXC festival.

2. The AAEC’s traditional Fall convention schedule is changing to Spring.

3. That’s the week before Memorial Day!
The National Cartoonists Society holds their convention at that same time.

The NCS has for decades held their convention on Memorial Day weekend. Last year they went for a new NCSFest experience and held it a week earlier. As far as I know nothing has been set for 2020, whether it will be a regular Reubens’ Weekend or another NCSFest. But either way that’s crowding a lot for cartoonists into the last half of May 2020.


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#1 Jason Chatfield
@ 2:17 pm

Rest assured, we’ll be mindful of all of these events when planning our Reubens weekend.
Always great to know there are plenty of cartooning events available for everyone.
Stay tuned!

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