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Wallace the Brave Creator Will Henry Interviewed



Fresh off winning a divisional Reuben Award for Newspaper Comic Strip,
Will Henry sits down with Dave London and Pete Chianca.

It always sounds like Dave London and Pete Chianca are having fun on “Strip Search: The Comic Strip Podcast,” but it’s rare that they seem to have this much fun recording a new episode. But that’s what happened when they met Rhode Island’s Will Henry (a.k.a. Will Henry Wilson) of “Wallace the Brave” fame in downtown Boston for their June 2019 podcast.

Dave and Pete met up with Will at the monthly National Cartoonists Society lunch gathering at the Beerworks on Canal Street, and he stuck around afterwards to talk about his journey to national syndication.

Will talks about the development period the syndicate put him through (a little dismayed about it then, grateful for it now), deadlines (he’s a year ahead), upcoming projects, and more.

The 25 minute audio podcast. Stick around and hear Mark Parisi and Steve McGinn chime in once in a while, and then sit down for a five minute interview themselves.


above: an upcoming book project Will talks about




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#1 Jason Chatfield
@ 11:56 am

Absolutely love this. Will is a brilliant cartoonist- well deserving of his award. Great interview.

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