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WASP Accuses Jewish Cartoonist of Anti-Semitism


Following the foofaraw of Ilhan Omar’s remarks about a “push for allegiance to a foreign country,” and Meghan McCain’s protest to that statement because, in part, she “verge[‘s] on being a Zionist as well,” cartoonist Eli Valley, who is not a fan of the current leadership in the U. S. or in Israel, drew a cartoon:


Meghan saw the cartoon and responded:


Which engendered derision from others


and inspired more cartoons about the matter from Eli Valley.


Read all about it at Mediaite and Fader and Raw Story from the left.

Read all about it at Fox News and The Daily Wire from the right.


More about Eli Valley:

Eli Valley is the Angriest Political Cartoonist in America

Eli’s homepage.




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