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Cartoonist Rob Rogers’ Journey


Enemy of the People: A Cartoonist’s Journey by Rob Rogers coming December 2018.

2018 has been an eventful time for Rob Rogers – from staff editorial cartoonist to fired staff cartoonist, and becoming a cause célèbre in the process. Rob writes about the unsettling year and his life leading up to it in a new book. But…

The new 184-page book is more than just a collection of the highlights from the past three years of the cartoonist’s work; it will also feature two longform comics by Rogers, as well as a tutorial on creating editorial cartoons, and essays from a number of other cartoonists and journalists on the importance of the first amendment and political cartooning.

The book will be released in December but it is now available for pre-order and


The release is getting some press.

The Hollywood Reporter (quoted above) is one, and there are others.


None of which mention the Easter Egg on the cover.
Amusing as the cover is, I really liked the hidden “joke” Rob put in there.

Here’s a hint:





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