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Matt Bors Twitter: Suspended, Defended, Amended


Before the polls opened in the U.S. on November 6 Matt Bors tweeted:

Which resulted in, according to Matt:


and Twitter promptly suspended Matt’s account.



People, some well-known, noticed and responded.



Twitter took notice of the objections and restored Matt’s account.




Matt is back on Twitter, though his original tweet is apparently permanently deleted.



Whoops, Matt was suspended again, this second time supposedly for the the antifa tweet.

From Matt this morning:


Matt has seen the error of his ways and promises to behave.


Above: Matt tweeking Twitter


Bleeding Cool has the story with reactions.

Matt’s Twitter and Facebook and his page at The Nib (where a familiar image is front and center).



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#1 Milt Priggee
@ 7:03 pm

Free speech in America is dead because people of power no longer respect….free speech…..mainly because they do not understand or even know what it is. How do you expect anybody to defend something they don’t understand…?

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