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SPX Site Says Hurricane Will Have Little Effect on Bethesda (Md.) Weekend Weather

The Small Press Exposition (SPX) is this weekend and the organizers are watching the hurricane, but they’re cautiously optimistic thus far.

From their site: 

Thankfully Hurricane Florence is expected to have little impact on the DC area. The weekend weather looks mild, with a bit of rain. We’ll keep you posted of any change to these predictions.

SPX is featuring a great roster of special guests including: Jules Feiffer, Roz Chast and Derf.

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#1 JP Trostle
@ 9:07 am

Little effect — unless you’re a cartoonist in the Carolinas who had planned on going to SPX. Then it’s a pretty big impact.

#2 TVC
@ 9:29 am

Or if you’re piloting an oil tanker that’s currently in the eye of hurricane but wanted to see Roz Chast this weekend. Then it’s an even bigger impact.

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