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The Sunday Funnies – Classics

In the 1970s Garry Trudeau edited a series of comic strip reprints. Among the “Cartoon Stories For New Children” was a Gasoline Alley by Dick Moores. Bill Peckman and Michael Sporn presented the book in two parts. Part One. Part Two.



Summer Fun.  With a title of Sunday Funnies we ought to have some color. So here’s Mike Lynch and Dick Buchanan presenting some color cartoons from Collier’s and Saturday Evening Post.



A few years ago GoComics went Back to B.C. and they started running Johnny Hart’s B.C. from the start. Occasionally they skipped some strips, Neil Robertson noticed and filled in the missing links.



In 1979 the New York Times Special Features syndicate hired Jim Lawrence and Gray Morrow to revive the Buck Rogers comic strip. At the same time they got a nine-page feature in Heavy Metal.



No disrespect to Bob Mankoff and Seth Fleishman but when I heard cartoons were returning  to Esquire I was hoping it would be more like the old days. Mike Lynch provides samples of the classics.



Some E. C. Segar Popeye panels

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