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Team Cul De Sac Hosting ‘Drink & Draw’ at HeroesCon to Raise Funds for Michael J. Fox Foundation

Team Cul De Sac chief Chris Sparks is helping throw another Drink and Draw at this year’s Heroes Convention in Charlotte.

From Chris’ Facebook post: 

Heroescon(June 15th-17th) is right around the corner. Guess what folks, it means it is time for me to ask for more wonderful donations for this years Drink and Draw! Which will be held on the night of the 15th after the shows activities are over for the day. Shelton Drum and the crew will be announcing the location soon over at

I met Richard Thompson at Heroescon in 2008. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a year later and in 2010 we started Team Cul de Sac to raise money for the Michael J Fox Foundation. So far we have raised over $241,000 bucks and I would really like to break the quarter million dollar mark this year.

What can we use? Original published art is always wonderful! We also love any art that you would like to produce for the event that you have been inspired to do this year.

Maybe you have a new book out and would like to send a few copies with sketches in them? 
Maybe you want to do a live painting at the event for us?
Maybe your publisher would like to donate other books for us to sale at our booth?

Remember every penny we raise goes to The Michael J Fox Foundation for research. Not a penny goes to the overhead of the operations.

I need donations by 8th of June. Remember to send a business card/ contact info so we can promote you and your donation!

Our address is

Team Cul de Sac
C/O Chris Sparks
54 Herron Ave
Asheville NC 28806

If you have any questions, please contact us here or email us at


Community Comments

#1 Chris J Sparks
@ 10:10 am

Here is the link to donate cash directly to Team Cul de Sac. Every penny goes to the Michael J Fox Foundation for research.

Thanks to everyone for 8 years of support!

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