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Percy Crosby’s ‘Skippy Volume 4: Complete Dailies 1934-1936’ to be Released May 22


From the Skippy Web Site: 

This fourth volume collects the complete daily strips from 1934-1936, at the height of Crosby’s one-man political and social crusade. Crosby influenced cartoonists from Charles Schulz to Walt Kelly to Garry Trudeau, and almost every kid strip ever created. More than any other cartoonist before him, he brought philosophy and politics to the American comic pages. In the end, it was his outspoken political beliefs that placed him outside the mainstream of 1940s American culture, leading to his exile from comics and forced incarceration in a New York hospital for the last 15 years of his life. As a result of his tragic end, Crosby’s remarkable contributions to American culture have been eclipsed, until now. Bonus materials include photos and rare artwork from the collection of Percy Crosby’s daughter, Joan Crosby Tibbetts.

Pre-Order Vol. 4 here: 

Volumes 1-3 and others here.

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#1 Brad Perri
@ 9:08 am

I’m always glad to see more Skippy coming out!

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