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Ken Carlson 1950 – 2018

Editorial cartoonist Ken Carlson has passed away.

Kenneth John (Ken) Carlson, Jr.
October 2, 1950 – May 12, 2018

cartoonist, illustrator, painter, draftsman

Kennebec Journal editorial cartoonist 1985 – 2002

Kennebec Journal, August 1993 by Ken Carlson

From a 2013 local profile:

“I’ve received rejection slips from all of the big ones, but, I have also appeared in Iron Horse, Easy Rider, Down East, POB, carTOONS and more,” Carlson said. His editorial cartoons also appeared in the Kennebec Journal from 1985 to 2002.

Carlson also did illustrations for newspaper articles, state agencies, T-shirts and more. His most seen illustrations were on the TV show “Murder She Wrote.” Some of the posters seen in the Cabot Cove Sheriff’s office were Carlson’s, done for the Maine State Police. If you catch a rerun of “Murder She Wrote,” watch for his work.

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